I am not opposed to filtering the web at all. What I am opposed to is server side filtering, I think user side filtering is the best solution by far.

Here’s the issues I have with server side/ISP filtering.

Think about your cliched household, two parents, two children. Let’s say one child is 7, the other is 15. Obviously both parents are adults.

The 7 year old obviously shouldn’t have access to the same sites as the 15 year old. While the 15 year old’s parents may not want them having access to the same content that the parents want access to.

An ISP based filter does not allow you the flexibility needed in that situation. It’s either on or off. You would not be able to adapt an ISP filter dependant on who is online.

A user side filter would have that flexibility. It would also allow you to change it over time as the children grew up.

The other issue with an ISP side filter is that if one person in the household opted out of it, then they’d have opted the whole family out of it.

A user side filter wouldn’t have that issue.

The only issues I can see with a user side filter is that too many people aren’t aware they exist or how to use them. Education is key here, as is promoting access to easy to use filtering programs. Support something that works.